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They Are the Reason Why…

Each one has a unique face and a unique story:
“My mom gave me away to a man I barely knew when I was 16.”
“I started prostituting when I was 12.”
“My grandfather molested me every day for as long as I could remember. I didn’t know it was abnormal until I watched a film in middle school. Then I told my teacher.”
“He would beat me up–bad–if I didn’t make $500 a night.”
“I got into the car with him. We drove a long ways off and he beat me and choked me. Then he put a gun to my head and pulled the trigger. But, God was with me, it didn’t go off!”
“He tried to kill me but I ran out of the car, naked and scared to death, to a house down the road. Later I found out that he had killed several girls. The police arrested him—he was a serial rapist.”
“I’ve had 5 children: 4 got taken away (by DHS). Now that I’m clean and off the streets, this little baby is all I’ve got. She’s my life now and I love it!”

These are just snippets from the numerous girls that we recently interviewed. Each one of them had their unique story, amazing that it was, of their childhood years (some dysfunctional, some not), their struggle with addiction whether their own or of their family members and of their life on the streets as they were prostituted. Most were faced with adult decisions very early in their young lives during a time when most of us were worrying about which shoes to wear to school the next day.

And to these and many more like them, our outreach teams tell them, “You know, you are beautiful. God loves you and has something so much better for you than this. You were made for something so much more. Can I pray for you?” And to the few, it has made a powerful impact.

Now, for each one of them, the proudest moment of their story was retelling how they got off the streets and what their life was like now…

One young woman, against all odds, owns her own business. Another recently got her child back. And several work at businesses. One returned to school.

But one young lady didn’t make it: she recently died on the streets, in the arms of her “boyfriend”. She was yet another tragic victim in this hard life of human trafficking. No Boundaries assisted the family in officiating in the funeral, an event we never anticipated would be part of our ministry.

These stories, snippets of their life so to speak, are reminders for us as to why we are having our fundraiser dinner on November 2nd at OakTree Country Club. Not only do we need funds to continue our work on the streets, to encourage these girls that God has a better life for them than continual abuse but to tell their stories—because their stories are worth telling, worth making fellow Oklahomans aware of the “other world” of life on the streets in the world of human trafficking. And with God’s love, their stories CAN have a positive ending instead of becoming a memorial service for a young life being snuffed out before it’s due time.

So we want to invite you, our friends, to our 2nd Annual Fundraiser Dinner—November 2nd, 6:30pm at Edmond’s own OakTree Country Club—where we will talk about some of these amazing stories and how you can help make an impact on these young girls’ lives so that they DON’T have to end up as a memorial service.

Click here for more information about the dinner and how to buy tickets. Corporate sponsors are still in great need.

All proceeds from the 2nd Annual Fundraiser Dinner will go toward NBI’s Project HOPE: our anti-human trafficking outreach.