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An End of Year Perspective

Recently, we had the pleasure of reading a post by Brian Bates of JohnTV that gave a good overall perspective of what No Boundaries International has done over 2012. It was interesting to read his viewpoint since most of No Boundaries’ staff seldom think about what has been accomplished but, instead, focus on what challenge is laying ahead. So we decided to share that with you, our friends and supporters, to allow you to see what you are a part of and how your time, resources and funds are being used.

By Brian Bates

11/19/2012 – Edmond, OK — An Edmond based non-profit targeting devastated communities internationally and prostitution and sex-trafficking locally held its second annual fundraiser earlier (last) month and raised significant funds to further their efforts globally.
JohnTV has reported many times on the local efforts by No Boundaries International to positively impact communities and individuals victimized by the sex trade, addiction and poverty in Oklahoma City.
In the year that No Boundaries has targeted south Oklahoma City, and specifically the South Robinson Ave. area, the organization has held a family friendly block party, free medical clinics, kids days, adopt-a-block activities, Jazz Concert benefit, a Fall Festival and Halloween Pics-and-Treats event, tree dedications for lives lost to prostitution, officiated a funeral for a young mother and street prostitute, conducts weekly street outreach, hosts weekly prayer meetings, organized local flier distribution for a missing & endangered teen, purchased a ministry outreach home near SW 42 and S. Robinson and so much more.
Many of the successes of No Boundaries International can be found on their YouTube channel (NoBoundariesOKC) and their new (updated) website. For more information, go to or

Thanks Brian for that perspective!

NBI’s Newest Community Outreach Center

God is continuing to do amazing things!
Since earlier this past summer, the staff at NBI have been praying and searching for a strategic location to do outreach right on South Robinson Ave. After months of talks and emailing, the City of Oklahoma City has finalized the decision to allow NBI to rent and use “Old Firestation 16” which is located at 3416 S. Robinson! Tuesday, the actual lease agreement went before the OKC City Council for approval and was granted, being signed by several city officials including the Mayor! So on January 1st, NBI will take possession of the old firestation and begin to use it as a community outreach center for the South Robinson area.

Now comes the challenging part of building a community center! We need your help! If you, your family, your group or your business could donate or fund, in part or in full, any of the following items, NBI would be SO grateful and you would be touching the hundreds of lives that the community center will be serving!

We need the following:
~funding for internet and phone service
~a complete commercial kitchen (all appliances)
~volunteers to help with painting
~new or used laptops (no more than 4 years old…)
~2 flat screen TVs
~24 channel sound board
~100 foot snake
~microphones, cables and mic stands
~PA style speakers
~new or used event tents (type used in wedding receptions, etc…)

All items would be tax deductible.
Since NBI will not take possession of the firehouse until after Jan. 1st, we would not be able to receive the items until that time or after. (If you contact us about the donation prior to Dec 31, the tax deduction would still be for 2012.)

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 513-5453 or email us at

Thanks for being a part of this exciting venture with us! Please pass this on to your friends!

Operation Christmas Shoebox a Big Success!

What an amazing and fun day! No Boundaries staff and faithful volunteers handed out 750+ gift bags filled with gifts, large and small, for the children of John Adams elementary school right here in Oklahoma City. Many of these children tell us stories of getting very little for Christmas so NBI decided to change that story for the better. One small boy told us that the gift bag he received contained the very gift that he had been asking his father for! He was smiling from ear to ear! In addition to gift bags, 2 bicycles and 6 OKC Thunder/Chesapeake basketballs were also given out to randomly selected students. And then to top off the day, Santa Claus himself came and not only helped hand out gifts but made personal visits to every classroom at John Adams. Our heartfelt thanks to every volunteer and donor who helped make this outreach such a fantastic success!

A “Different” Holiday Story

She called herself “Mary Magdalene” and this is her true story.

As a beautiful, young woman, she was living with her sister in a large town in northwestern Texas. And then she met “him”. He told her that he loved her and she drank in the attention that he gave her. Consequently, she dove headlong into his world of partying and drugs.

Her sister recognized the reality of what was going on and told her not to get involved with him. But excitement and “love” won out over family concerns.

The couple quickly became an item and she gave herself exclusively to him. The partying continued and he convinced her to come with him to Oklahoma City to visit friends for more fun and more drugs. 

But the short drive to OKC ended up in a nightmare for her. Upon arrival here, he announced that they had no more money for a hotel room and their only alternative was for her to “work on Robinson” to make some quick cash. It certainly wasn’t what she thought would happen so she hesitated. The “boyfriend” saw the hesitation, got angry and beat her badly. As she covered her face, fear and shock set in. Reluctantly she gave in-after all, she thought, “what choice do I have?”

So with the boyfriend-turned-pimp parked nearby in a hidden car, she anxiously stood on Robinson street with other prostituted women and sold herself to strange men she didn’t know—all because of a dream of love gone bad.

After several days and weeks, she woke up in a cheap hotel room with her “pimp” laying next to her and realized—it’s Thanksgiving day: a day meant for being with family, enjoying each other and what God had given them. Getting beat up every day, being forced to do things she didn’t want to do and selling herself to strange men on Robinson certainly didn’t fit into her definition of Thanksgiving.

Then boyfriend/pimp woke up and announced that he was making “dates” for her later that night—meaning that he was making appointments with paying clients who would come to the hotel to have sex with her. Two men were already booked.

She refused and cried out to go home-home to her sister and the family she loved. The minutes crawled by as he beat her severely.

It was the last straw.

Upset and racked by fear, she waited hours in the corner until he took his drugs of choice and went back to a drug-induced sleep. Then she saw her opportunity and quickly slipped out the hotel door. Looking over her shoulder, she ran down the long hall to the elevator and frantically pushed the button over and over, as if the elevator could feel the panic in her fingers. The elevator responded by giving a “Ding!” back to her. It had arrived.

The elevator door opened as she heard the sound that she dreaded—the creak of the door opening and out he came yelling and stumbling with a wild look on his face. An elderly couple inside the elevator stood open-mouthed at the scene unfolding before them. Trembling, she threw herself into the elevator and into the stranger’s arms. All three adults frantically pushed the “close” button.

They ran out the hotel to the couple’s car where they locked the door, drove to a safe location and listened to her story. She cried as she told it. After a moment of consideration, they dropped her off at the Oklahoma City bus station with the assumption that her family would pay for the bus ticket home. They assumed wrong.

“Mary” called her family at that early morning hour and pleaded with them to send her money. After some discussion, they denied her request, not wanting to contribute to her drug usage and unsure of whether to trust her. She was deeply disappointed as she hung up the phone.

Not knowing what else to do, she contacted a local OKC ministry who referred her to a No Boundaries International outreach worker. As she sat in the bus station, she called the number and told her story to the woman who answered. The NBI staff person immediately sensed her distress and offered to first pray for her before any decisions were made. Mary pushed away the prayer but the NBI staffer persisted and prayed anyway. After more discussion, the outreach worker quickly told her she would see what she could do and would call her back.

The minutes ticked by as Mary sat in the bus station. Suddenly, the elderly couple who first helped her busted through the front door, scanning the room for Mary. The gray haired woman said, “ As we were driving further and further from the bus station, I felt like Someone told me to come back here and pay for your bus ticket back home. Is that OK?”

“Mary” cried in desperate relief. After the kind couple purchased the $55 ticket and placed it in her hands, she called the NBI worker back and proclaimed, “It’s all because of your prayers! Thank you so much!”

The young girl then boarded the bus and went home to her family, leaving behind her nightmare on Robinson.