Human Trafficking

Most people have never heard of it.

But former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stated, “Defeating human trafficking is a great moral calling of our time.” Even former President Bush called human trafficking a “humanitarian crisis” of global proportions. Even now, the average American would think, “that only happens overseas in some poor African country—not here, not now!” But look at the most recent statistics for The United States:


–100,000 people are enslaved in the United States right now.

–17,500 new victims are trafficked into the United States every year – at minimum.

–The United States is the 3rd largest nation where trafficked girls are brought into.


Human trafficking is simply another phrase to describe modern day slavery. Yes, it’s true and it’s probably happening around you. Human trafficking is defined as “having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation.” It can be seen as the face of a maid next door, a farm worker just outside of town, a factory worker who is imprisoned within her workplace, or even as a sex worker in a brothel, massage parlor or on the streets. The victims are under the complete control of traffickers whose soul aim is to make money at another’s expense. They are often stripped of their rights to leave, stripped of all contact with their family, denied medical care, kept from attaining an education—as the taken for granted rights that the typical American exerts every day, right here in the land of the free. It’s a situation that is not right. It’s an injustice! So what can be done about it?


Based upon research and past experience dealing the post-war African child soldiers and former sex slaves, No Boundaries has developed a multi-faceted solution to address the needs of human trafficking victims and sex workers found within the United States. As we reach out in love to all of the women suffering the traumas and dangers of sexual exploitation and prostitution we will be able to offer alternatives to those interested in changing.

~Early stages of intervention…involve relationship building with consistent contact.

~Find the ones who are ready to make a life change/to escape the oppression.

~Bring restoration through spiritual and emotional counseling, education, building life skills, peer support
groups, assisting with healthcare, legal issues, and vocational re-training and placement.

~Addressing community needs through advocacy, awareness and education, street outreaches and children and youth    activities for at risk populations.

People need help. We need help to help them!



No Boundaries International subscribes to the thought: “Use a tangible item to meet an intangible need!” This line of thought allows our Street Outreach Team to approach a trafficking victim with a gift in hand–thereby breaking the ice and providing an open door for conversations to flow and relationships to begin being formed.

So, if you would like to help, our immediate needs for outreach to those caught in the sex trafficking industry are for products to be packaged together as a “care package”. It’s a great project for your family, friends or group to get together and have a product drive. The following items are our most common needs (holiday items are also needed):

~New lip gloss

~Small travel size perfume

~Hand lotion

~Hand warmers


~Ear warmers


~Fresh flowers

~Small Russel Stovers seasonal chocolates

~Bottled water

~Pocket sized hand sanitizers

~$10 Gas Cards for Street Outreach Team members as they drive to locations to reach trafficking victims


We also have other ways to reach those in need, as listed below. Here are the needs for those areas:

NBI Food Pantry Needs: click here to see a more extensive listing of food needs

~IN DATE Canned, Non-perishable foods


~Bottled Water

  • Carina’s (Clothes) Closet:

  • ~New Underwear

    ~New Socks

    ~Hygiene Products

    ~Children’s Clothes

  • Food Truck Outreach:

  • ~Non-perishable food

    ~Cash Donations to purchase food

  • Children’s Outreach:

  • ~New Toys

    ~Gently Used Children’s Clothes



    ~Coloring Books

    ~School supplies


    ~Stuffed Animals

    ~Small Craft Items

    ~Hygiene Items

    Contact us if you would like to help!