Faith, Hope & Love
Summer Internship Program with No Boundaries International

What Is It?
NBI’s summer internship program is six weeks of full-time, hands-on discipleship in a life of prayer and missions grounded in the supernatural love of God and lived out in the context of community.

Who’s It For?
18-27 year olds with a desire to grow closer to God, deeper in their faith, and better equipped to minister  and serve.  This program is especially suited for, but not limited to, those considering a calling to full-time missions.

What’s It About?
Faith – get equipped and gain faith-building experience in a life of walking in the Spirit as you learn to minister the supernatural power of God’s love in prophecy, healing and deliverance inside the four walls of the church and outside.
Hope – go deep in the good news of the kingdom of God’s love, and learn to live a gospel-centered life individually, in community,
and in love for your neighbors and the nations through the lens of God’s mercy, justice, power
and grace.
Love – encounter God’s love for you and in you like never before as you’re immersed in Biblical teaching, prayer and worship, kingdom community and love-focused missions.

When Is It?
To Be Determined…

What’s It Like?
…a full-time (residential) program. Interns will be housed at the NBI Training Center in downtown OKC for the six weeks. The program is a full schedule of Biblical teaching, practical training, prayer and worship, community-building,  service projects,  and
evangelistic outreach.
…hands-on discipleship in a life of prayer and missions. In addition to Biblical teaching and practical instruction in a life of prayer, evangelism, missions, and the gifts of the Spirit, interns will work alongside NBI staff in No Boundaries’  service projects,  house of prayer and evangelistic outreaches. Internship size is limited to allow for close mentoring.
…grounded in the supernatural love of God. Our firm belief is that all kingdom life is supernatural – it’s about encounter with the power of God’s love. Our first desire is that this would be a time of encountering God for each intern, and then secondarily to equip interns to live a life of encounter and to share that encounter with others.
…lived out in the context of community. Interns will  live together,  pray together, worship together, serve together and evangelize together as an active part of a missions family.

What’s It Cost?
Internship tuition of  $500 covers all costs (housing,  meals,  transportation,  books and materials, outreach expenses) for the six weeks.
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