Leaders of Tomorrow

WOW! Recently, an amazing group of 12 UCO college students, as part of their “Leaders of Tomorrow” training and outreach told us their unusual story of wanting to help in NBI’s “Operation Christmas Shoebox”. After hearing about the innercity kids that may get very little or nothing for Christmas, they put their heads together and came up with a courageous way to raise funds for children’s toys and supplies. Their small but determined group broke into smaller groups and stood on strategic busy corners of Oklahoma City and Edmond and asked for donations. Slowly, throughout the day, as they worked in 3 hour shifts, the quarters and dollars came rolling in. People heard about the cause and gave what they had to help.

A few days later, the group leader called No Boundaries and arranged for a time to meet up with Amanda Davis, NBI’s Children and Youth Outreach Director, to go toy shopping at Dollar Tree. Little did we know just how much this determined group of 12 actually raised. It shocked us all! They raised over $2500 cash in their efforts!

So off they went to Dollar Tree, picking and choosing gifts for all ages, both boys and girls! In the end, over 20 bags of toys were given by the group, with hopes for more in the coming days!

No Boundaries is so thankful and appreciative of groups like “Leaders of Tomorrow”–without their efforts, Operation Christmas Shoebox wouldn’t bring joy to those little kids lives!

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