Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement:

No Boundaries International is a nonprofit, Christian organization crossing any border to bring Good News after devastation through training, inner healing, medicine, and evangelism.

Our Vision Statement:

Devastation has two faces: the first face is evil in human form and can be seen in natural and man-made disasters, the affliction of oppression and abuse, as well as poverty, sickness, hopelessness, and pain. The second face is the personification of good in human form. No Boundaries International strives to be good personified in the most challenging areas of the world, bringing the healing of Christ to the devastated man, woman, or child.

Financial Accountability:

NBI strives to maintain complete financial integrity. For more information and documentation, visit Guidestar for more indepth reports.

Our Values:

No Boundaries is a missions base with 4 basic values. We hold these ideals close to our heart because we believe that they contain everything God has called us to do!

NBI Values

  • Love – Missions is in the middle of the heart of God because His primary value is love for all mankind. He died and rose again to reconcile the whole world to Himself. He is leading us into that same kind of love: a lifestyle modeled in the beatitudes. (Matt 5:3-12) Jesus trained His disciples for missions.
  • Go – He sent us to spread His love! The preaching of the Gospel is an act of love. We Go! because He loves us and because that love fills us with love for others and desire for them to know His love too!  He told his disciples at the end of all of His teaching, miracles, death and ressurection to Go! (Mark 16:15, Luke 24:46-48, Matt 28:16-20, John 17:18,20,21, Acts 1:8)
  • Community – He made us to go together! God’s way of doing missions is to bring us together as a family, body, or community. Missions starts when we love each other with His love and work together in that love to see the Gospel preached and people saved, healed and delivered. (Mark 3:31-35, Eph 4:16-19, Acts 4:32-35)
  • House of prayer lifestyle – Missions is founded in a house of prayer lifestyle. God’s way for walking in the first three values (listed above) is to do this last one well. When we love God with all our hearts, minds, soul, and strength, when we spend time at the feet of Jesus, we become rooted in His love, and His ways, and He empowers us to acomplish lives of love, going, and doing it together. In the HOP lifestyle, we are realizing that we can’t do anything outside of relationship with Him. As a result, we spend our time, energy, and resources in a focused way toward prayer, worship, the Word of God, and fasting.