Our Services:

  • Speaking: International speakers Lori and Sandy will inspire and motivate your audience to discover and fulfill God’s call on their lives. Whether in your church, conference, retreat, or small-group setting, their teachings and stories will challenge you to reach beyond your borders to make a difference in your world.
  • Consultation: Many times followers of Christ are ineffective in ministry due to lack of direction or inability to overcome the hurts and pains of the past. Through our professional, therapeutic services, we will assist in discovering God’s plan and purposes for your life by helping you overcome any obstacle from your past, freeing you to step into God’s calling.
  • Teaching: Based on 35 years of missions experience in nations throughout the world, we can lead, teach or prepare your mission team for their upcoming adventure. Using our “Equipped For Service” curriculum, we can train your team members in various ministerial duties on the mission field.
  • Outreach:No Boundaries International has ongoing operations in the US and around the world. We can be found in inner-city settings such as Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, as well as countries such as Sierra Leone, West Africa, Israel, Mexico and Haiti and other locations throughout the globe.
While on outreach, we perform the following services:

Training: To facilitate the church at large for ministering after devastation. To inspire, educate, equip, teach, and mobilize the body of Christ to follow the Great Commission in any setting. To partner with churches and parachurch organizations assisting with logistics, operations and vision casting.

Inner Healing: To facilitate healing and forgiveness associated with devastating events for individuals suffering from classic signs and symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, anxiety, addiction, hopelessness, and oppression. This will be accomplished by operating on the boundary between therapy and deliverance.

Medical: To administer health care to devastated populations by operating on the boundary between medicine and miracles.

Evangelism: To preach the Good News where devastation has caused people to face eternity and to strategically plant churches in designated areas by equipping and ordaining ministers.

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